Friday, October 10, 2008

what a stash!

Check out Nettie's stash of fabrics (a quilt is nice: stash) - isn't it gorgeous! I am very jealous - my stash is rather small. Maybe I will have to post some pictures to show you just how small...

Is your stash like Nettie's?


SuzyQSparkles said...

Yes, but once your stash is big, you don't get to "shop" as much. At least not to spend money. The nicest thing about having a stash is that when you want to make something, you can go shopping in your own home and know that you already LOVE all the fabrics, because you bought them already, not bought them just because you needed *something* for a quilt.

Anyway, I saw your comment at and wanted to comment on "needing to take a class". I my big-mouth opinions are okay, but I think you can probably save your cash and just play with the stippling yourself.

I don't know... I learned a lot from reading and watching Simply Quilts. When free motion quilting you need to these things:

- Lower your Feeddogs (if you can, if not, cover them with something like a piece of plastic).

- Be willing to play with your tension to "get it right"

- A stippling foot (either clear plastic or metal shapped like a letter "C") will help TONS!

- A pair of gloves with Rubber Grips is VERY HELPFUL.

- Get your brain past the fact that you have to rev your sewing machine engine, but move your hands slowly.

Maybe take some junk fabric and do some practice pieces, and then donate them to your local animal shelter... the biggest thing about machine quilting is PRACTICE!

I think that's about it! :D

SuzyQSparkles said...

I'm glad to hear you've made a go of it! Looking forward to seeing your results. :D

Renee said...

Thanks Suzy :)