Sunday, August 22, 2010

now what?

Sometimes it pays to be slow. With so many babies due around the same time as mine, I was getting a little nervous about the amount of sewing I had in front of me. Thankfully, my UFO basket is full of half finished quilt tops which will be perfect for these little ones!

This is a top I started when we first came to Sydney just over 3 years ago. I remember now why I never finished it, because I couldn't figure out how ... and I still can't. I'm thinking a solid light peach border followed by a dark binding. The only thing is, the quilt top is still quite small- about 30"x 33". I'm thinking of quite a thick border, maybe 3" finished? Making the finished dimensions abour 36" x 39". Is that too small? I guess it could just be a little snuggle quilt, maybe for a pram? I would add more blocks, but I barely have any of this fabric left. Otherwise this weekend, I have finally put together my pinwheel sampler quilt top. I ended up adding a scrappy border too, similar to this one, as it looked too plain without it. Now I just have to get some backing, choose a quilting pattern and send it off. I can't wait to have this one finished and on our bed. Too bad winter is almost over! But that's what happens when you are slow!
Sorry about all the dark photos lately (including these awful ones). My husband assures me he has re-set the camera for me now!

Friday, August 13, 2010

You and Me

Isn't this just the most gorgeous fabric? I saw it here and immediately bought half a yard as I think it will be wonderful for the babies room. I want to keep the colours in the babies room fairly neutral, but with a few splashes of colour. I am thinking this will become a cushion perhaps...

My granny squares are slowly coming together, but with Uni in full swing at the moment my progress has been a little slower than I had hoped. But I am determined to have it finished by December!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

sewing for little ones

My granny squares are starting to pile up and I have recently learnt from you tube how to join them. I am really enjoying making these little squares and imagining the little fingers that will run accross them

Turns out four of my friends are also pregnant and due within a month or two of me as well as my cousin who is expecting her third! So I have lots of baby related sewing to do. A quick clean-out of my craft area led to the discovery of 3 unfinished baby quilt tops, which will definitely help, and also two orphaned quilt blocks from a quilt I made for my cousin Belle. After seeing the ridiculously overpriced taggy blankets in the shops I decided that these quilt blocks could become perfect taggy blankets.

With some satin and felt ribbons and some soft minky on the back, they were very quick little gifts to whip up. And I even got to practice my free motion quilting too. During my cleanout I discovered a shrinky sheet I purchased last year, so I hope to use that in the next one to give it a little more texture.

Now I just have to start a quilt for my little one.