Monday, October 20, 2008

stitching on the go

I catch the train to work each day - 2 trains in fact, although I am only on the trains for about a total of 25-30 mins. A couple of weeks ago I thought I would take my forest friends pincushion pieces with me and do the embroidery on the way to work. I figured they were the perfect size to not be too cumbersome. It was fantastic - I had finished the embroidery in 2 days of trips. And it was such a lovely way to spend the train trip - and my sewing is definitely not as heavy as some of the books I have been known to take on the train!

Seeing as though I have finished these pincushions, I needed something else to take on the train. So I spent some time yesterday afternoon putting together the backing for the 12 Red Robins stitchery (from Cinderberry Stitches). I wanted to use some red fabric I already had for the checkerboard, but the print was a very stark white next to the cream background, so I tea dyed it! It was the first time I had tea dyed anything and I am so happy with the result!

I also discovered this gorgeous blog on the weekend (The Little Needle Case) via Leanne's house. And lo and behold - Nicky from The Little Needle Case posted last month about quilting on the go and had some wonderful ideas that I may just have to adopt for my train travel.

I also managed to get the border onto my Leanne's House quilt yesterday and piece together the backing - so hopefully I can baste it together soon and get started on the hand quilting. I still need to get myself a hoop for handquilting - but I don't really know what I should be looking for - something bigger? wooden? Does anyone have any advice?


Anonymous said...

oh these look GREAT! I haven't even quite finished ONE yet! nearly finished it though and the other is cut out then October's arrived and like you I am a little daunted at making it! I do love your stitchery too I love love love Cinderberry Stitche's style!

JillO in MT said...

I use a q-snap plastic hoop for hand quilting, I really like it. It's like pvc pipe that you snap the top part onto the bottom.

Karen said...

Every minute counts. Working on the train is a great idea.

Lorraine E said...

Those owl pin cushions are adorable! Truly delicate and gorgeous work! :)