Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stash envy... and chocolate cake

After looking at Nettie's stash with a little (ok, a lot of) envy - I said I would show you just how small my stash of fabric is… well, here goes! Just those two shelves!
I do have a rather large bag of ‘scraps’, which are about the size of a fat-eighth or smaller, as well as a box of tiny scraps that would be useful for some scrappy appliqué (on the third shelf in the above pic), but that is it! I tend to only buy fabric with a project in mind – or in the case of the range “Charm Bracelet” by Allison Smith – when I love it so much that I Must have it! I have the 19 fat-quarter bundle (if you squint hard you might be able to see it on the bottom left of the pile on the lower shelf!) and I am still looking for the perfect project for this fabric.

Here’s the other corner of my sewing ‘nook’ – complete with Sampson attachment!

Are you game to show off your stash? I would love to see it!

Also - Not Quite Nigella is running a Chocolate Cake Challenge between now and the end of November. All you have to do is bake your richest, gooeyest cake ever and take a picture of it and either post it on your blog (and let NQN know about it) or send her the picture and recipe if you don't have a blog. If you are a chocolate lover, make sure you check it out.

And finally, a note for those of you in Sydney – I went to Lincraft in Pitt Street (The Imperial Arcade) last night after work and discovered that they are closing down. They have marked everything in the store down by 33%, so make sure you head past if you want a bargain. Their range of patchwork fabric is rather dismal, but DMC threads are 66c a skein (I bought a pile!) and they have a lot of scrapbooking stuff, and also some Christmas decorations too.

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Lorraine E said...

Sampson is so adorable! :) And I look forward to seeing your chocolate cake!

Thanks for letting us know about Lincraft, I need to make a Halloween costume and this is just perfect! :D