Sunday, October 12, 2008


Recently, I mentioned on Crazy Mom Quilts that I needed to learn how to stipple quilt. Suzy noticed my remark and left a comment on my previous post that got me thinking... Why hadn't I given free motion quilting a try? I guess I had put it in the "too hard" basket. I did do a lot of self-teaching when I first started sewing about 5 or so years ago - using books like this one that came with my Mum's magazines - but I have never really tackled anything more difficult than straight line quilting.

I remember my Mum and my Aunt chuckling when I told them I hadn't known that a sewing machine used two threads - one on top and one in the bobbin! That realisation came from reading the instruction book that came with the sewing machine my Mum had given me! I had absolutely no idea how to use one!

After leaving a comment on my post, Suzy even posted on her own blog about learning free motion quilting on your own. So after reading her advice, and watching Amanda Jean's video here, and reading this discussion (who would have know how much help there was out there on free motion quilting?), I gave it a whirl.

I was excited firstly when I realised my sewing machine had come with a darning foot - that was a good start! The fabric moved up and down more than I thought it would, so that took a little getting used to, but I think it turned out kind of OK for a first go...

Obviously I need some more practise - there is some sharp turns and some areas where I have crossed over the other stitching - but I am making a basic quilt for Sampson, so that might be the perfect thing to learn on.

A big thanks to Suzy for her encouragement! I think I will skip the classes after all and just keep practising on my own.

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