Saturday, June 27, 2009

a good start to the weekend...

My Friday night consisted of a bit of this
and this

I also recieved some new fabric during the week

which inspired a bit of planning

and some drawing
I plan to stitch these blocks on our holiday (we have a lot of train trips!). Hopefully I will come home with a lovely reminder of our holiday.


Sarah said...

Oh I so look forward to seeing this finished! We LOVED our trip around Europe - wished I did something like you have.

Chookyblue...... said...

these sketches should make a lovely memory of your trip.........

Anonymous said...

I love the drawings cant wait to see a few of them done.
On holiday again sounds like you travel alot which is great.
Yes there are times when i think it would be nice to lock up inside the sewing room and pretend its a sewing holiday. I do keep alot of hand work around to pick up. I also knit a bit to help keep my hands busy,hope all is good out your way.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a GREAT weekend =] I wish my hubby would say the same but in my house when I sew everyone says I am working!! Aren't I allowed a little pleasure sewing time too?? hee-hee

a good yarn said...

What a marvellous combination. Soothes away the troubles of the week.

I envy your ability to draw. What delightful stitcheries. I look forward to seeing the finished blocks.

I'm sure you will have a wonderful trip.

Ann :)

Leanne said...

You are very clever I can't even get stick figures to look convincing.