Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm back!

After 4 action packed weeks of fun, frivolity and gelato, my husband and I arrived back in Sydney last weekend. How can 4 weeks pass by so quickly? Now that I am back at work, I really feel like I never left. I had hoped that 4 weeks filled with European pleasures would allow those cobwebs that blur my daily life to be completely swept away. However it seems I didn’t reach those stubborn bits in the very corners and it has taken them no time at all to re-populate my mind. At least they were held at bay while we were abroad and I was able to put daily life aside and simply enjoy myself.

I have been asked many times since we returned “what was the highlight”, and while I have answered ‘Rome’ (which I adored) each time, it really was the small parts of the trip that I loved; learning how to ask for a coffee and a croissant in French and then actually being understood in the local boulangerie; browsing through any of the vast number of fromageries and picking out a mystery piece of cheese to have with dinner; watching the world fly pass while travelling on a high speed train; eating 3 gelatos in 1 day….

Thankfully I am over the jet-lag now. Having never really had jet-lag, I wasn’t prepared for how spaced out I felt in those first few days after arriving home. When the months worth of mail was delivered on Monday, it was like a sign that read ‘the holiday is well and truly over, real-life starts here’. Thankfully among the pile of bills and junk-mail, there were also 3 of my favorite magazines to ease me back into day-to-day life.

I hope you all had a lovely month. I’ll be back soon with some photos of Europe and some stitching to share.


Kate said...

Welcome back! I was just wondering yesterday when you'd reappear. Sounds like you had a great break, look forward to hearing more :-)

Anita said...

It always feels that way Renee :( Can't wait to see your pick of favourite photos.

Jo in TAS said...

Lucky duck, the only ocean I've ever crossed is Bass Strait. One day I hope to go on a big journey like yours and take in all those little things too!

Anonymous said...

Glad that you had an awesome time!! Would have been amazing!

a good yarn said...

All those wonderful memories will begin to permeate daily life - little things will trigger them. Glad you had such a wonderful trip! Ann :)