Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Morges, Switzerland

Whenever we told someone that we were going to Morges, Switzerland the response was either "why?" or "you must be visiting someone". Well, truth be told, we were visiting friends, but the town of Morges is beautiful and somewhere I would definitely consider visiting, even without the lure of friends.

Located on Lake Geneva near Lausanne, Morges is a small and quiet town with the most tremendous scenery. A walk shortly after arriving in Switzerland deposited us here - with the awesome sight of the alps rising from beyond the lake. It was simply breathtaking.

We spent our 3 days in Morges with old friends. Friends we had only seen for the sum total of 4 hours in the past 5 years, so it was wonderful to catch up with them again. Our short time was spent lazing by Lake Geneva with picnics, hiking in the nearby mountains, playing with the children and trying lots of Swiss food each evening (mmm... cheese fondue).

The nearby mountains were every bit as stunning as the sight of the Alps and Lake Geneva. There were tiny wildflowers everywhere you looked and cows with large rectangular bells hanging from their necks, the sound of which could be heard from miles away.

Morges is definitely somewhere I can imagine living.


Dolores said...

I can definitely see why you could live there. It looks beautiful and so serene.

a good yarn said...

It looks impossibly idyllic.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a beautiful place...! Well worth the visit!!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What stunning pictures! Switzerland is one of those places I always dreamed of visiting when I was a child-I loved the book Heidi you see as she hid bread rolls in her skirt and I wanted to try the bread rolls. Now I just want to see vistas like that!

Sarah said...

Ohhh I am SO loving your photos.

Anonymous said...

Your work is impossible for anyone else. Great job you did.


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