Sunday, November 9, 2008

A busy weekend...

Unfortunately this weekend has been a little busier than anticipated and so I have only managed to sneak in a small amount of sewing. I did however get a lovely surprise on Friday when I checked the mail and there were three envelopes with my name on them (that didn't contain bills!). I got a couple of patterns, some fat quarters and the new issue of Homespun magazine. I did enjoy sitting down for some time yesterday and having a flick through them all, and I can't wait to get started on the patterns - but more about them later.

As I didn't get much done this weekend I thought I would show one of my first quilts (so please ignore the imperfections!). These Sunbonnet Sue blocks were some of the first blocks I ever made. I didn't own a rotary cutter at the time and found it quite difficult to cut my backing squares evenly. The applique was done by machine using a short zigzag stitch with a clear thread. It was an easy and fast method of applique, but I'm not sure I would use it now if I was making the quilt again. However I think it was a good way to get started as I saw results very quickly.

The blocks sat in my sewing basket for quite a while until I found out one of my cousins was expecting her first child. With my fingers crossed that it would be a girl, I put this quilt together for her. Thankfully it was girl and so the quilt was perfect! It now hangs on the wall of her playroom.

I recently put together a quilting journal based on the instructions by Leanne Beasley in her DVD for Homespun magazine. This is one my journal pages for this Sunbonnet Sue quilt. The other side of the foldover page has a photo of the quilt on it.
The cover of my journal is based mainly on Leanne's design, but is a little simpler. I haven't really done any scrapbooking prior to this but I have really enjoyed it.
I have another baby cousin who is due at the beginning of December and I haven't even started on a quilt or present as yet! I think I'd better leave the Christmas presents and get started on this one first!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend

PS, if anyone is interested, I have a brand new copy of "Quilt Yourself Gorgeous" by Mandy Shaw for sale here on ebay


Simone de Klerk said...

Love the quilting journal ^^) And isn't an early quilt you made very precious!
Have a wonderful week! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Good on your doing a quilting journal! I always admire people that are that organized! It is beautiful and I am sure it will be treasured in years to come - and cute quilt! I cant see any imperfections, it s adorable. Good luck quilt sewing, I have a couple of close babies due early in the new year so I need to get working too!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a lovely quilting journal!! That is something I have been meaning to do for a while. Thanks for the inspiration.

Christina Lowry said...

Hmmm... love the quilting journal idea! Thanks for sharing. :)