Wednesday, October 28, 2009

what's hot + what's not

Seems only yesterday I wrote the last one, but it's what's hot + what's not time again!

What's hot

Having a cat who runs to the door when you get home from work and reaches up like a child for you to pick him up for cuddles. It's a nice welcome home each night

Body attack classes - at first I thought they were a strange form of torture (and sometimes I still do), but I am slowly becoming addicted to them. They definitely get me going of a morning.

This one is kind of hot and kind of not - A year of volunteering coming to an end - and actually noticing that a difference has been made. I have been part of a youth mentoring program this year, which has been both tough and very rewarding. We now only have the graduation night of the program left and while I am sad, I am thrilled that the girls have done so much and come so far this year.

What's not

having a cat the meows for breakfast at 5am. My alarm goes off at 5:30 - why can't he wait an extra 30 mins?

My sewing machine having not come out of it's bag for 2 weeks now (although it is about to come out. I have to 'pimp' a labcoat for a colleague that is leaving on Friday!)

My best-friend living overseas. She has been in France for over a year now and I miss her dearly. I miss our coffee dates and sitting on the couch with quilts and cups of tea and chatting into the night.

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Stomper Girl said...

Having a cat run to you for cuddles would be heaven. Mine disappeared 3 months ago and I still miss that.

Kate said...

Your cat sounds just like mine! Bella loves being carried over the shoulder like a baby :-)They do have some funny ideas about what constitutes a good time to get up in the morning though.

Your volunteering sounds very rewarding :-)

Sarah Lou said...

I cant relate to all your whats nots. LOL. except exchange the best friend in france and put in my mum and her partner Pip.

Anonymous said...

When you say you have to 'pimp' a labcoat, do you mean you are going to vandalise it...must post a photo of that! Chele