Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's Hot + What's Not

Inspired by Looby Lu, I give you:

What’s hot...

Redwork stitching on calico a la Kootoyoo's The Quilt Project. Inspired by these totally amazing stitcheries, I traced my own this morning and got started on the train to work.

Reliving our recent Europe trip by sharing photos with my workmates. The picture above is of my our early morning shadows in Herepian, France, with my Mother-in-law in the distance.

Homemade dulche de leche on ice-cream – I made a caramel toffee pie on Sunday and we still have some left-over caramel in the fridge - yum yum yum!

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge – I am going this Saturday with a bunch of very excited young ladies. Hopefully the sun will shine for us.

Winning a huge meat tray at the pub a few weeks ago. Tonight we are having porterhouse steaks for dinner and there are still many more meals in the freezer.

What’s not…

My bobbin thread continually breaking while free motion quilting – it is driving me crazy! That, together with my issues quilting straight lines (which has been suggested to be a problem with my feeddogs), indicates that my sewing machine is probably in need of a service. Bummer.

Not enough hours in the day – I am really busy at work currently so the only stitching that is being done at the moment is on the train to and from work. I’m really hoping I don’t have to go into work this weekend like I did last Saturday.

Work in general… it is beyond frustrating at the moment for a multitude of reasons… If only I could make enough money at home doing my sewing. Although I suspect that would require me to be a fair bit more creative than I actually am. Maybe I could sew samples for a shop - how much fun would that be! How do I get that gig?

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Claire said...

I love that photo! The light is so golden. Have fun on your Harbour Bridge climb... I look forward to doing that one day.

Kate said...

Working weekends is a big downside with science...glad its not required for my job.

mmmm, homemade icecream is good!

rachelmp said...

Great photo! (I get paid in fabric when I sew samples for a shop). If you check Helen Stubbings blog she has an application to be a sample sewer for pattern press too.

a good yarn said...

I can see why you like that quilt. It's fabulous. It must be something in the water - my work life is hideous too. I have to go in next weekend. Bleerrcch! Hope you enjoyed the Bridge climb - the weather was good. I adore caramel and dulche de leche on icecream is soooo decadent! Well done on the meat tray. See, life's not all bad. If your bobbin thread keeps breaking it's usually a tension problem. Check the User Manual for your machine and make the necessary adjustments. Are you using a different thread in the bobbin to normal? Hang in gets better. Ann :)