Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter weekend

I spent the 3 weekends prior to Easter in Melbourne, and while I love flying, I was so very tired come the long weekend. I was so glad to be able to enjoy the 4 days at home in Sydney and my husband was very lovely and left me to spend much of my time at my sewing machine.

For a while now, I have been a huge fan of Kellie's work (Don't look now). When the latest issue of Homespun arrived last week featuring Kellie's "Meg's Garden" on the cover, I was inspired to have another go at some free motion quilting.

I had a go at free motion quilting a little while ago and, while I don't think I was Too bad at it(!), I haven't had much of a play since. So I made myself up a little quilt sandwich and off I went - and I was pretty happy with the result! Although not having a "needle down" function on my machine was a pain in the A*%!

On Saturday, we dropped past The Remnant Warehouse on our way to do some shopping and I picked up some Helmar Quilt Basting Spray. My most hated part of quilting is the basting and I have been sorely tempted by these sprays for a while. Now I am wondering why I didn't buy it earlier!!

I decided to try out my new spray on a quilt that I could also practice my free motion quilting on. So, it was Sampson's quilt that I used - a quilt top I had put together a while ago so that I could practice triangles.

I was a little sceptical when I first put the quilt sandwich together, I wasn't sure if the spray would hold it firmly enough. However, while it moved a little (perhaps I didn't use enough?), it was SOOOOO much better than putting it all together with safety pins. And after just an afternoon of sewing, I had basted, quilted and bound Sampson's quilt! I was thrilled!

I took the quilt into the lounge room to show off to my husband, and while I layed it down next to him to show him, Sampson jumped straight onto it! He must have known it was for him!

yes, Sampson is a rather large cat :)

my rather large, free motion 'meander'

After finishing Sampson's quilt, I felt so inspired to keep sewing. What often stops me starting new quilting projects, is the fact that it takes me so long to finish them. I can get a quilt top finished without a problem, but actually completing them and turning them into usuable quilts... well I am just terrible at that.

So, inspired by this quilt, and this one too - I got started with some material I purchased a while ago. This will be a quilt for our lounge room. Something for us to snuggle under as winter takes

I got all my pieces cut...

and 10 blocks pieced...

Only 26 more to go!


Kate said...

Good work on the free-motion practice! The more you do, the better you get :-) Sampson looks pretty pleased with his very own quilt.

Maree said...

Great Job with your Quilting it looks Great...Love your New Project.

Catherine said...

Sampson looks so pleased with imself there!! Dont stress about unfinished quilts...thats the best part, the more you have the better!! I love making the tops most so I tend to have a few unfinshed useful objects in the cupboard...but they look pretty!!
Have a great day, Cathy

a good yarn said...

Nothing ventured, nothing gained and Sampson seems pretty satisfied with the results. Your Whirlygig quilt is going to look fabulous - I love the colours you have chosen.

Happy Stitching...Ann :)

Diana said...

I clicked on your link and the quilt you are making (Windmill) is gorgeous & I like the "cat" one too ; I'll have to make one now. Also your free-motion looks wonderful. I added some quick Orchid instructions to my blog if you'd like to read. Thank you and keep the quilting up.

Deb said...

Your quilting looks great, good on you for giving it a go. Its always quite daunting isn't it

Anita said...

Love Sampson's quilt! It's very cute and he looks very happy and content :)

clare's craftroom said...

Love Sampsons quilt .

Sarah said...

Ohhh I am a fan of Kelly's work and am too scared I wont be able to do it! I am starting a class next month telling me all about it. Cannot wait - I so love the look.