Monday, October 11, 2010


Apologies for the low light photo - but in my defense, I took it at 11pm. I can't believe I stayed up past 9:30pm without feeling unwell! And I even sewed in the evening. I don't know what this pregnancy is doing to me!

I woke up yesterday morning knowing I had a pile of things I wanted to get done and a little nervous about completing any of it. However I think I managed one of my most productive days in a long time - one session of yoga completed, the weekly grocery shopping done, I wrote almost half of one of my big uni essays, a trial cake was made for my dear husbands upcoming birthday party (this one), dinners for the 2 nights we have birthing classes this week are in the fridge and two quilts and their backings were finished and ready to go off to the quilters.

So much for the vacuuming...!

I am still trying to make a decision on the quilting design for the above quilt - I am leaning towards this one which is what my windmill quilt was quilted with.

But then there is this one too - any opinions?


Anonymous said...

Good job, Renee! Sounds like you had a very productive day! Your quilt looks great. Okay, stupid question... do you quilt yourself? And if you do... do you trace those patterns onto tearaway stabiliser, sew and then tear off?? Is that how it's done? Or do you trace the picture onto the quilt? I'm only guessing... cause I have no idea! I love the first option more... probably just cause I'm not a real 'butterfly' lover!

Kate said...

That was a super productive day!
I think Ive been lucky with uni; we get lots of assignments, but no essays.
I'd go the second option, but I'm a butterfly fanatic :-)

Maree: said...

WOW! a Big Day to say the least..Very Productive!..I like the first one...

Dolores said...

I like the first one. The design is more open.
When you get close to your due date and you get this burst of energy, you will know that time will be getting short. It's a fact that several of us have noticed.

Sarah said...

I will go for Merrily - more windmill like!

Gosh I love those sort of productive days. They just seems to swing well and end well and ohhhh I wished I had those days MORE often!

OH pregnancy note - have you started to take Rasberry tea leaf? Go to a homeopathic pharmacy and buy some good genuine stuff there. They will tell you the dose and all - only if pregnancy is going healthly well. It is really good for toning the utrerus and preparing it for labour. While you are there get some arnica drops. These are SO good for after the birth for a few weeks. It helps with the discomfort down there - even with no tears. Okay taking my midwife hat off now!