Monday, September 7, 2009


Please excuse the title, but really... how can my quilting go from this:

to this?

And really, who can free motion quilt, but not quilt a straight line? Seriously... it's doing my head in!

But I shouldn't complain, my stippling is improving and I am actually enjoying it now!

And as always, Sampson is enjoying it too.


Suzie said...

Sorry, what does WTF mean?
Your meandering is looking fine to me!

Wendy B said...

Must be one of our 'ockerisms' but seriously.....all looks good with your machine quilting! Sometimes we are our own worst critics.... I know, I am!!
;o) Wendy B

Lynda said...

Hello Renee

I think there must be an issue with your feed dogs and walking foot because your free motion quilting is fine. So frustrating for you.

rachelmp said...

I am seriously envious of your machine quilting. Nice!

a good yarn said...

Looks like a tension of walking foot issue. I'm sure it wouldn't take too much to rectify. Isn't free motion liberating!? Marvellous quilt for Samson. He looks so comfy. Ann :)

Linda said...

Practice, practice, practice. So many folks seem to want to do tiny little meandering when BIG meandering actually looks nicer. Great job!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your FMQ is amazing - hope you sort out your machine issues for the straight line quilting.