Saturday, November 20, 2010

a finish!

I made this taggy blanket in about an hour a couple of nights ago. It is nice to have finished something - even if it is pretty small!

A simple cotton on the front, some satin, grosgrain and gauze ribbons as well as some ric-rac, and some super cuddly minky on the back.

I struggled to find any coordinating fabric in my stash to make a patchwork front, so instead I decided to make it textured. I used the 'shrinky sheet' I bought at last years 'spring stitch-in', however my cheap and old iron is not too good at steaming, so it took quite a while to shrink!

And look at these lovelies back from the quilters yesterday - now I just have to get onto binding them all!

1 comment:

Maree: said...

I Love your little Blanket with the shrinking to it...well you will be busy Binding for a the quilting on them..