Friday, April 2, 2010

French Macarons - take 1

Inspired by Lisa's French baking and my workmate Anita's delicious macarons of the pistachio variety - I decided to have a go at the infamous French macaron (with Tilly's help of course!).

To say I was nervous about making these is an understatement! Googling "French Macarons" reveals a multitude of pages about the intricacies of baking these gorgeous biscuits. So I read and read and read. I found many different recipes and even pages on troubleshooting. Then I decided to give it a shot - and I was pretty stoked with the result! Their 'feet' were a little splayed, and the inside a little sticky, but otherwise they were great. The troubleshooting guide tells me that my oven was probably a little too warm - file that away for next time.

I used the basic recipe from macaron extraordinaire Tartlette, with no colouring or flavouring in the biscuit. And I made a chilli chocolate butter cream with which to fill them.

FIngers crossed I can perfect them next time.


Dolores said...

They look so good. I have never heard of French Macarons before. Good luck perfecting them.

a good yarn said...

They look delightful! I definitely think you should make more.

Jan said...

MMM yummy Jan xx

Julia @Mélanger said...

Well done, there's nothing like perfecting a French macaron!