Wednesday, March 17, 2010

couch potato

hi all, still not too much sewing here - just finishing off the quilting on the baby quilt (so much for being almost done 3 weeks before the baby was due, she's now 5 days overdue and it's still not done!). I have been doing lots of studying though - I have 2 essays due in 2 weeks time which are keeping me very busy. I think once my assignments are off, the sewing will come more easily.

I have enjoyed being a couch potato of late though and have seen some good movies and read some more books. This movie in particular was fantastic, I loved every minute of it (and I adored the clothes in this too - they were very cute). I also saw Julie and Julia - a great movie about food and blogging, which made me want to do lots of cooking.

Right now I am thinking about brownies with peanut butter chips.... stay tuned!


Purple Quilter Queen said...

Holy smokes! 5 days overdue. Is this your first? Best of luck. Brownies with peanut butter chips sound sooo good right now too! Jenn

a good yarn said...

I haven't started my baby quilt and bub's is nearly three months old! Those brownies sound alright. Ann :-)